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Wii Remote API for Unity and C#

Within the past 10 years motion controls have become an integral part of gaming and console game development. The Wii Remote specifically has managed to capture a generation of casual gamers and has created a completely new genre of casual games. However, none of these controllers have managed to permeate the PC gaming market despite their potential. In response to this, I have created a cross-platform Wii Remote communication layer for Unity (and C# with minimal changes - primarily debug messages). The API allows Unity developers to integrate the Wiimote and popular extension controllers (such as the Nunchuck, Classic Controller, and Wii Motion Plus) into their games. It also supports the Wii U Pro controller (which behaves as a Wiimote with a special extension controller).

Here is a video of the some of the API's features:

You can download the latest release here. The API’s source code (including a full demo scene) can be found here.


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